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How Can a Man Be Right with God?

Posted by Scott Brown on Jul. 07, 2015

An important question that needs to be answered is: how can a man be right with God? The doctrine of justification deals with this matter. Are you grounded in a biblical view of justification? Download our lecture on the eleventh chapter of the confession on justification.

Productivity: Beating the Afternoon Slump

Posted by Scott Brown on Jul. 06, 2015

Here is an article that addresses what can become the doldrums of a typical work day, “You Can’t Avoid the Afternoon Slump, So You’d Better Learn to Work Around It.”  His advice is to do mindless things like making phone calls and handling email. Here is something I do to deal with it: 

1. I work standing up using a stand up desk....

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The Church That Excommunicated a Lesbian - What Happened?

Posted by Scott Brown on Jul. 03, 2015

I received this note from a local church pastor responding to our announcement of our upcoming Church Discipline Conference regarding the restorative power of biblical church discipline:

"Scott our church did discipline for three years with a lesbian in our congregation! Which went to final excommunication and later restoration and she ended...

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The Importance of Family Prayer

Posted by Scott Brown on Jul. 02, 2015

Fathers are commanded to read the Word of God to their families, and to instruct them in it. If they are to read the Word of God to their families, then they must pray with them as well. It is critical that families pray together, and Thomas Doolittle in this article titled, "The Word of God and Family Prayer," shows why families must pray...

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Church Discipline in History

Posted by Scott Brown on Jul. 01, 2015

In the modern times, church discipline is looked upon as unloving. Has this been the view throughout church history? The answer is: No. Throughout church history, church discipline has been viewed as a vitally important part of a biblical church.  


Come and hear Dan Ford at the Church Discipline Conference, who will be walking us through...

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Al Mohler on Age and Affinity Segregation in the Church

Posted by Scott Brown on Jun. 29, 2015

During a Baptist21 panel discussion at the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Albert Mohler speaks on an important matter of church structure and programming when fielding a question on whether we should have special groups for recovering homosexuals in the same way that there are groups for people who have been divorced or experiencing...

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