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The Word of God Guides Us to Repentance

Posted on Sep. 21, 2017

Is Scripture just as relevant today as it was during the Reformation?

Jason Dohm explains in this video that we need to learn is how critical loving Scripture is. Reading Scripture was not just for the 15th or 16th century but God’s Word has always and will always be applicable and true.

Reformation is always ongoing – it never is complete,...

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Repentance for a Person Deeply Embedded In Sin

Posted on Sep. 19, 2017

How does a person who is trapped in sin repent and fight against that particular sin?

Dennis Gunderson explains in this video that if a person is trapped in a life of sin and does not know how to repent and to conquer a particular sin, they need to first recognize that repentance is going to be a gradual change.

They must resolve to live a life...

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An Example of Genuine Repentance

Posted on Sep. 15, 2017

What is an example of a person demonstrating genuine, godly repentance?

Jeff Pollard explains in this video that there was a man in his congregation that was deeply involved in pornography. This man sought the Lord, spent time alone in prayer and in the Word, he confessed to his wife and made himself accountable to her and to his elders.


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Journey Through the Bible - Pre-Order Now: $14.95

Posted on Sep. 14, 2017

We are excited to introduce our new book, “Journey Through the Bible.”

This book is designed to help entire families grasp the message of the whole Bible as they read through the Scriptures together. It provides the context and message of each book of the Bible along with corresponding study questions to spark discussion and hymns to sing.

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What Kind Of Sorrow Are You Experiencing?

Posted on Sep. 14, 2017

Is your sorrow "vertical" or "horizontal"?

Rob Ventura explains in this video that there are two types of sorrow - worldly and godly. Worldly sorrow misses the point that a person has sinned against God. It is "horizontal" in that the individual only sees the effect that sin has on themselves or on others. 

In contrast, godly sorrow is...

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Repentance Involves a Complete Shifting of Mind

Posted on Sep. 12, 2017

What does godly repentance involve?

Kevin Swanson explains in this video that biblical repentance is a complete shift of mind and direction – it is a shift in our mind concerning our perception of ourselves, God, sin, redemption, and of Christ. We need to have a complete, radical shifting of our minds.

Repentance is absolutely essential to...

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Returning to God’s Design for Communicating the Gospel in the Church

Posted on Sep. 11, 2017

The mission of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches is to: 

1. Proclaim the sufficiency of Scripture for church and family life
2. Promote the centrality of the Church in God’s plan for families
3. Recover the biblical doctrines of manhood and womanhood in church and family life
4. Explain the complementary roles of church and...

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Repentance That Leads to Life

Posted on Sep. 11, 2017

What is repentance that leads to life?

Curt Daniels explains in this video that worldly sorrow leads to grief. Godly repentance leads to life and joy. Judas displayed worldly sorrow when he went and hung himself. But, no matter how many tears are shed and how sorrowful one may appear, this type of sorrow does not lead to salvation but to death.


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