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Come to The Highway of Holiness Conference

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 21, 2015

Consider joining us at our national conference, "The Highway of Holiness" at the Ridgecrest Christian Conference Center in Asheville, NC, Oct. 29-31. 

Robert Murray McCheyne on the “Vast Importance of Church Discipline”

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 20, 2015

Robert Murray McCheyne speaks of his early avoidance and abhorrence of church discipline, as well as the change that took place:

"When I first entered the work of the ministry among you, I was exceedingly ignorant of the vast importance of church discipline. I thought that my great and almost only work was to pray and preach. I saw your souls...

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Free Download of Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine - Chapter 2

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 17, 2015

It is critical that our churches and families have a biblical understanding of the doctrine of God. Our view of God affects every aspect of our lives: our response to the trials of life, how we interpret Scripture, our view on current issues, and many other situations. 

This week, we are giving away a digital download of the second lecture...

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NCFIC Declaration: Article V - The Church is Eternal While the Family is Temporal

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 16, 2015

We affirm that the church is the bride of Christ and the family of God, and that in heaven people ‘neither marry nor are given in marriage,’ indicating that the family, which is part of the creation order, established for the fulfillment of the dominion mandate here on earth, ceases to exist in heaven, but that on earth and in Christ, the...

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5 Tips for Corporate Prayer Meetings

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 15, 2015

Here are a few things to consider regarding corporate prayer meetings. There is much to say about the Godward focus of our prayer, which is the very most important matter. This most important matter in all prayer is the heartfelt acknowledgment of the majesty of God, expressing our love and gratitude to Him. Further, we bring our requests...

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A Call to Battle 2015 - Recap

Posted by Scott Brown on Apr. 14, 2015

We (Carlton McLeod, Voddie Baucham, B. Courtney McBath, and I) had a great time preaching on Friday and Saturday last week at Carlton McLeod’s, “A Call to Battle 2015: Taking Back the Family” conference.  The messages from the conference will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks. Check out Carlton McLeod’s blog later, as...

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