Our Part in Our Own Sanctification

Posted by Scott Brown on Oct. 01, 2015

Marcus Serven is a speaker at our upcoming conference The Highway of Holiness. In this video, he talks about the synergistic work of sanctification as compared to the monergistic work of justification.

One of the key texts that talks about this interplay between holiness and also knowing that you are complete in Christ is this one from...

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How Sanctification Works

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 28, 2015

Dan Horn is a speaker at our upcoming conference The Highway of Holiness. In this video, he explains how God, as a kind father, works in the lives of every one of His children to make them a holy people.

Is it possible for someone to be justified, but not very sanctified? Well in a sense, none of us are very sanctified. All of us are sinners,...

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How to Take Dominion

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 25, 2015

Yesterday I took our interns to Mt. Vernon, the home of President George Washington. The objective was to instruct our interns on how to take dominion by learning from a great mentor – George Washington.

It is a joy to do this as it gives me an opportunity to speak of some of the important things that young men can learn from Washington....

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What’s So Bad About Sin?

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 24, 2015

Kevin Swanson is a keynote speaker at our upcoming conference The Highway of Holiness. In this video, he contrasts the dreadful effects of sin, with the joy and blessing of the fruits of the Spirit. As Christians, we should enjoy walking in holiness.

Sin is not enjoyable, it ruins every part of our lives. Sin is corrupting, but when we...

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Laying Hold of Sabbath Joy

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 21, 2015

On Sunday, I preached on Isaiah 56:1-8, Laying Hold of Sabbath Joy, where the Lord speaks of an in-gathering of believers to a new and happy community of obedient sons and daughters who have experienced the joy of the mountain of the lord, obeying His commandments. In this section, God explains various benefits of the expanding sabbath...

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Latest Video on Planned Parenthood

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 17, 2015
Here is the latest video from The Center for Medical Progress on Planned Parenthood. The church needs to stand up and spread the word about this. "Open your mouth for the speechless, / In the cause of all who are appointed to die" (Proverbs 31:8).

Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 17, 2015

It is our privilege to invite you to join us at the Freedom 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference on November 6-7 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Friends of NCFIC registering by October 15 will receive a special rate of $79 — 60% off the regular price of $199 (use coupon code: NCFIC).

Family freedoms have not fared well over the last...

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Article XXI - Judgment Begins With the Church

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 16, 2015

We affirm that God has declared “judgment must begin at the house of God” and thus, we Christians are to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, looking to judge ourselves lest we be chastened all the more (1 Peter 4:175:6).

We deny/reject that the church should continue disobeying God and delay repentance and reformation, or...

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The Definition of Holiness

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 15, 2015

In this video, Joel Beeke defines holiness as: becoming more set apart unto God, and becoming less like the world. God is greatly concerned for our holiness, and He will continue to remove the dross in our lives, until we are made spotless on that glorious day at the marriage feast of the Lamb. As we make our ways through this life as God’s...

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What Does Holiness Look Like?

Posted by Scott Brown on Sep. 14, 2015

What does holiness look like? In this video, Craig Houston points us to the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. These are fruits that are to be desired by true Christian, and they want more of them in their life! The Christian living in holiness is living a Spirit-filled life, not a self-righteous and legalistic one.

To hear more from...

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