7 Reasons Families Should Pray

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 28, 2016

Thomas Doolittle gives us seven reasons families should pray:

Reason 1

Because we receive every day family-mercies from the hand of God. He loads us daily with His benefits (Ps. 68:19)....

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Profile of the Evangelistic Home - Joel Beeke

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 21, 2016

Here is a transcript of an exceptional message given by Joel Beeke during the White Unto Harvest ConferenceThe message is titled: "Profile of the Evangelistic Home."...

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The Importance of Family Prayer

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 19, 2016

Fathers are commanded to read the Word of God to their families, and to instruct them in it. If they are to read the Word of God to their families, then they must pray with them as well. It is critical that families pray together, and Thomas Doolittle in this article titled, "The Word of God and Family Prayer," shows why families must pray...

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The Fear of God and Revival

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 14, 2016

What happens to a community of ten thousand people if suddenly two thousand of those people begin to walk in the fear of God? The conduct of those people is no longer governed by the eye of the policeman but by the eye of God. The students in the schools conduct themselves not with reference to the teacher's eye but to the eye of God. The...

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Laying Hold of Sabbath Joy

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 12, 2016

Did you know that the Sabbath was made to secure joy and justice? In Isaiah 56:1-8, we learn that the love of God is secured in the keeping of His commandments. As God’s people take hold of His covenant in the form of the Ten Commandments and keeping the Sabbath for worship, they come to the realization, “For this is the love of God, that...

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Do They Love Family Too Much?

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 07, 2016

In this video from our 2014 Burnings in the Soul men's luncheon, Jeff Pollard addresses his audience of family-integrated church members and asks, "Do they love family too much?" Pollard stresses that we need to love Christ for who He is:

Christ is beautiful - the Scriptures make that obvious. Christ is holy, Christ is love, Christ is severe,...

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Forgiveness - A Prerequisite to Proper Fear

Posted by NCFIC on Apr. 05, 2016

Until a person knows the forgiveness of God based on the blood of the everlasting covenant, he will never rightly fear God. He may be terrified of God; he may have a dread of God, but that terror and dread will drive him away from God. The fear of God couched in the consciousness of forgiveness is a fear that causes us to draw near to God and...

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The Power of the Holy Spirit

Posted by NCFIC on Mar. 31, 2016

In this message from our White Unto Harvest conference on the Great Commission, Paul Washer teaches us of the power of the Holy Spirit. Speaking on Matthew 28:15: "So they took the money and did as they were instructed; and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day. Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the...

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A.W. Pink on Family Worship

Posted by NCFIC on Mar. 29, 2016

Here is a great article by A.W. Pink on family worship:

There are some very important outward ordinances and means of grace which are plainly implied in the Word of God, but for the exercise of which we have few, if any, plain and positive precept; rather are we left to gather them from the example of holy men and from various incidental...

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The Cross as Medicine and Food on Good Friday

Posted by NCFIC on Mar. 25, 2016

Today millions around the globe will be mindful of the cross. So should we. Don’t ignore the cross today. It is an opportunity to think and feel rightly about it - that is, biblically. For us, and for all true believers, the death of Christ on the cross is the center of atonement. In Isaiah 43:25, there is a prophesy that sins are “blotted...

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