My Father Was Shot Down Seventy Years Ago Today

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 29, 2015

On May 29, 1945, my father, Bill Brown, was shot down over enemy waters. He was shot down by "friendly fire." He had to crawl out of his plane, open his parachute, and safely land in the enemy waters.

My dad has said, when reflecting on this situation, "Even in desperate situations like this one just south of Tokyo Bay, I knew the Lord went...

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Seven Objectives of the NCFIC

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 29, 2015

We have seven objectives at the NCFIC. The first and foremost is to preserve the spread of the true Gospel from one generation to the next, through biblically-ordered, Gospel-preaching, Christ-exalting churches and families.

Secondly, to rely on the Scriptures alone, and obey the Bible as fully sufficient for the ordering of the church and...

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A Vision for Daughters

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 28, 2015

For a 4 min audio version of this, click here: Vision for Daughters – Scott Brown (04:34).

How women conduct their daily lives exerts enormous power for good or for ill in the world. It all hinges upon the matter of worldliness, whether they are of God or of the world. God established womanhood for His glory and it is one of the most...

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A Church Controversy Solved

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 26, 2015

There is a protective influence in a local church when it embraces a historic confession of faith. This is why, for many years, we have been encouraging churches to adopt a confession of faith to lead them and to protect them.  We even produced a video resource for families to equip them in the Baptist Confession of 1689 called Family...

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NCFIC Declaration: Article IX – The Church and the Family Provide Overlapping Jurisdictions

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 21, 2015

We affirm that the local church and the family are separate, yet provide overlapping jurisdictions so that each member of the family who is a member of a local church is under the instruction and correction of that local body, where delegated divine authority is exercised for the equipping, maturation, admonition, and strengthening of the...

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Father-Daughter Retreat 2015

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 19, 2015

Our church recently had its annual Father-Daughter Retreat. It has been such a blessing to be able to do these. We have been hosting them for many years, and I am always very thankful for how they have shaped our families.

Over the course of the retreat, we had times of teaching and exhortation, fellowship, and on Saturday afternoon...

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Sin Affects Everything

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 18, 2015

Every person you pass by, every member of your family, and every little baby before its born and after have one thing in common: they are all affected by sin. All are conceived with a sin nature (Ps. 51:5), and are "by nature children of wrath" (Eph. 2:3).

Adam was, "by God's appointment," the representative head of all mankind. When he...

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Memorial Day - Remembering Important Lessons from Iwo Jima

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 15, 2015

It is good for us to examine history and learn from the events that God, by His sovereignty, has chosen to bring to pass. As we approach Memorial Day, there is one event that I want to focus on: Iwo Jima. During this season of history, there are many lessons on trials, manhood and courage that we ought to be teaching our families.

The reality...

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Church Leader’s Meeting in Port Orchard, WA

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 14, 2015

Craig Houston and I will be hosting a church leader's luncheon in Port Orchard, WA on Saturday, May 30. This will be a time of prayer, mutual encouragement, fellowship, and Craig and I will be giving some exhortations. All church leaders, and aspiring church leaders, are welcome to attend.

Our prayer is that the church leaders in this region...

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Church Leader’s Luncheon - Phoenix, AZ

Posted by Scott Brown on May. 13, 2015

Several pastors in the Southwest surrounding Phoenix, and I will be hosting a church leader's luncheon in Phoenix, AZ on Friday, May 29. All church leaders (pastors, elders, and deacons), as well as aspiring church leaders, are invited to attend.

Our prayer is that the church leaders in this region will get to know one another and in turn...

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