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The Distinction Between Wordly and Godly Sorrow

Posted on Dec. 07, 2017

What is the distinction between worldly and godly sorrow?

Mike Davenport explains in this video that there is a significant difference between worldly and godly sorrow. Worldly sorrow is a sorrow that may lead to repentance, but it is primarily concerned with self and how others think of them. In other words, the focus is horizontal - the...

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What is an Example of True Repentance?

Posted on Dec. 05, 2017

What is an example of true repentance?

Rob Ventura explains in this video that he knew of a man who had sinned grievously. But instead of continuing to live in sin, this man confessed his heinous sin to him, his wife, and his children. 

He repented because he knew he had sinned against God and against others. He did not try to cover his sin or...

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How Repentance Leads to Reformation

Posted on Dec. 01, 2017

How does repentance lead to reformation?

David Eddy explains in this video that reformation begins with repentance. It always has and always will. Reformation and repentance are two sides of the same thing. Reformation can occur on a personal level and it can occur on a much larger scale when a group of people repent for their sin.

For Martin...

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Church Leaders Meeting, Southern CA

Posted on Nov. 30, 2017

On December 8th, we will be gathering church leaders for teaching, fellowship, and prayer at Centerpoint Church in Colton California.

The meeting will begin at 10:00 am and will conclude at 2:00 pm.

Several church leaders including Scott Brown, Cliff Allcorn, Brian Owen, Aaron Hebbard, Deane Plew, Jason Young, and others will be delivering...

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Repentance: The Heart of the Christian Life

Posted on Nov. 30, 2017

Does repentance continue even after salvation?

Jason Dohm explains in this video that Martin Luther once said the heart of the Christian life is repentance. Once you have been justified, there is nothing you can do to be somehow more justified. But that doesn't mean that repentance is something that Christians do once and never again. 


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An Example of True Repentance

Posted on Nov. 28, 2017

What is an example of true repentance?

Dennis Gunderson shares in this video an example of true repentance. There was a man that he knew who had been hiding a secret lifestyle of sexual sin and had been recently found out and was now facing legal consequences for his actions. 

This man was given an opportunity to plead not guilty but after...

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