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Six Things the Lord Loves to Do

Posted on Jun. 13, 2017

You have heard of the six things the Lord hates in Proverbs 6. In these verses we see the six things the Lord loves to do in His people. It is a good thing for the church to stop and look at what God has done. This is the heart of all awakening and we are so aware of our great need for awakening. John speaks of what happens When people are...

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Father’s Day Sale

Posted on Jun. 12, 2017
Now through Father's Day we're offering 50% off our products on fatherhood, We will also include a free copy of Husbands Love Your Wives with each order.
Here are the products that are on sale:
Building a God-Centered Family is one of our premier books to help fathers to lead their families to the true worship of God. In this book,...

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Pray for these young marriages and Tune Up Your Own Marriage

Posted on Jun. 09, 2017

Today, we start “Getting the Picture Right,” where we gather couples married seven years and less to speak of the heart and soul of marriage… which is the gospel. If they can understand that, they will find God’s blessing and joy in their marriages for the rest of their lives…

Also, Its "National Marriage Day"

If you’d like a marriage tune...

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What Is at the Heart of the Reformation?

Posted on Jun. 08, 2017

What is at the heart of the Reformation?

Paul Thompson explains that the heart of the Reformation involved rediscovering the necessity of the sufficiency of Scripture. We have been given the very words of God. They are wholly true and completely trustworthy.

A need for reformation indicates a need for a return to the only source of authority,...

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How the Love of God Is Perfected in You

Posted on Jun. 06, 2017

Its often easy to tell where people are from based on how they talk. John is making a very similar point in 1 John 2:3-8. Jesus makes a different kind of person. God teaches His children to think differently, talk differently, walk differently, react differently. It is tangible. It shows where they are from. John is making it clear that...

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