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The Difference Between Worldly and Godly Sorrow

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017

How is worldly sorrow different from godly sorrow?

Don Hart explains in this video that every person has experienced worldly sorrow, but only Christians have experienced godly sorrow.

Worldly sorrow involves regret or remorse over committing sin, but there is no sorrow for grieving a holy God. Worldly sorrow does not involve sorrow over the...

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Are We To Continue Reforming Today?

Posted on Aug. 09, 2017

How do we continue reforming even today?

Kevin Swanson explains in this video that one of the themes or mottos of the Reformation was, Semper Reformanda or, “always reforming” in accordance with Scripture. Today, we stand on the shoulders of the Reformers. We are called to hold onto these great truths of the Word of God.

Reformation for the...

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Repentance Conference

Posted on Aug. 08, 2017

Our national conference in 2017 is taking place just a few days before the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation and Martin Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the Wittenberg Door on October 31, 1517. This is why we are directing our attention to the doctrine and the fruit of the Protestant Reformation.

The heart of the Reformation was repentance....

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He Is Good, for His Mercy Endures Forever Toward Israel

Posted on Aug. 08, 2017

Is the journey harder than you thought it would be? Is the trial lasting longer than you thought it would?

In Ezra 3:8-13, it is very clear that the returned captives walked out of one difficult situation into another, 70 years of captivity, and into yet another situation that had its own challenges. Has that ever happened to you, where the...

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What is Biblical Repentance?

Posted on Aug. 07, 2017

What is true, biblical repentance? Is the mere shedding of tears sufficient?

Jason Dohm explains in this video that we might think that a person is repentant if they appear sorry. But, there are other aspects to repentance that go beyond the mere shedding of tears. Repentance involves both the confession of sin and the forsaking of it as laid...

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The Relationship Between Faith and Repentance

Posted on Aug. 03, 2017

What is the relationship between faith and repentance?

Dennis Gunderson explains in this video that the relationship between faith and repentance is straightforward. Faith is our complete forsaking the trusting in our own works and turning entirely to Christ for our righteousness. Repentance is the turning from sin and the understanding that...

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