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Unity in Your Family and Harmony with the Local Church

Posted on Jun. 04, 2018

Scripture makes it clear that parents are primarily responsible for the discipleship of their children. But that’s not all. The local church has also been given a significant role in that same work of discipleship through preaching, fellowship, hospitality, discipleship, prayer, and evangelism. 

At the National Center for...

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Local Churches - The Factory of The Great Commission

Posted on May. 31, 2018

“How do we plant a church?” “The answer is as simple as it is difficult to actually employ: “We plant a church in the same way that we pastor a church. We do the work of an evangelist, we disciple converts in the context of a growing community of faith, and we train leaders until they are qualified to...

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The Thieves of Sabbath Delight

Posted on May. 30, 2018

In Nehemiah 13, we observe seven ways Nehemiah confronts the thieves of delight. In this scene, we observe that Nehemiah has been away from Judah for a number of years. He has now returned only to find that the people have drifted back into some of their old ways of disobedience. He sets himself to cleanse them “from everything pagan”...

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Confronting Paganism in Home

Posted on May. 29, 2018

In Nehemiah 13, we encounter the final scenes of reformation among those who returned from exile in Babylon over a hundred years before. After many dramatic reformations among the people through the years, we learn that Nehemiah traveled to back to Susa for some period of time. Finally, he returns to Jerusalem only to find that the people...

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I Will Build My Church – Status Report

Posted on May. 26, 2018

Opposition from militant Islam, infiltration of secular worldviews that permeate Europe and the US, the prosperity gospel that is spreading from the West into all parts of the world…tremendous challenges that the churches face in fulfilling the Great Commission and participating in evangelism and the...

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Memorial Day - Remembering Important Lessons from Iwo Jima

Posted on May. 25, 2018

It is good for us to examine history and learn from the events that God, by His sovereignty, has chosen to bring to pass. As we approach Memorial Day, there is one event that I want to focus on: Iwo Jima. During this season of history, there are many lessons on trials, manhood and courage that we ought to be teaching our families.


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Scott Brown and Clarence Simmons - (1 Chron. 11 - 2 Chron 29, John 14-18)

Posted on May. 25, 2018

Join me and Clarence Simmons life as we discuss the things we read over the past week as we are reading through the Bible. This discussion is about 20 minutes. Our hope is to give some practical insights for families for the reading from the past week in Kings-Chronicles and John.

You can view the webinar here.

A Crisis of Belief

Posted on May. 24, 2018

Jesus and His disciples have moved on from Sychar, the woman at the well and the great awakening that occurred in the city. Now, they arrive in Galilee where Jesus saves a boy from physical death. But his sickness leads to something greater - the salvation from spiritual death in his father – a nobleman - and his whole family. This is the...

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