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Hope in the Midst of Ruin

Posted on Jul. 11, 2017

In this introduction to the book of Ezra we encounter a story of returning home after a time of ruin. The people of God have been captives in Babylon for seventy years. Now the seventy years has ended, and God is restoring His people. Ezra is one of the many examples in scripture where there is Hope in the midst of ruin. In every trend line of...

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What Is the Source of Repentance?

Posted on Jul. 11, 2017

What is the source of repentance?

John Snyder explains in this video that we arrive at repentance by the Lord first showing us the distance between Himself, the Creator, and us, the created, which humbles us. God also shows us His purity. We realize the moral distance that separates us from God. We see our impurity and God’s purity. Even on...

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The Winds of Philosophy and Methodology

Posted on Jul. 07, 2017

Will Scripture dictate how we live our lives or will we rely on the methodologies of men?

Paul Thompson explains in this video that we either will be governed by Scripture alone or we will live and rely upon the methodologies of men. Scripture is sufficient no matter your situation. We ought to be hungering and thirsting to understand what God...

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What Is Repentance?

Posted on Jul. 05, 2017

What is repentance?

Don Hart explains in this video that one of the classic definitions of repentance is the act of turning from the direction of which you are going and doing an about-face and going in another direction.

Yet, what we think of as repentance often focuses too much on the act of "turning" and not enough on what we do after we...

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Unity in Your Family, and Harmony with the Local Church

Posted on Jul. 03, 2017

Scripture makes it clear that parents are primarily responsible for the discipleship of their children. But that’s not all. The local church has also been given a significant role in that same work of discipleship through preaching, fellowship, hospitality, discipleship, prayer and evangelism. At the National Center for Family-Integrated...

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A Song to Help Navigate the Deep Waters of Pain

Posted on Jul. 02, 2017

Here is a song to help the soul navigate deep waters of pain. The lyrics of this song were written by John Newton, “I Asked the Lord that I might Grow"

I love the last line, "And break thy schemes of earthly joy that thou mayst' find thy all in me."