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Dead Churches and the Doctrine of Regeneration

Posted on May. 09, 2017

How can revival come to "dead" churches?

Paul Washer explains in this video that many of the churches are dead in America because the individuals that are leading them are dead. We must return to the Gospel and to a doctrine that is often lost in the church – the doctrine of regeneration.

Throughout history, there have been times where...

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Fear of God and Church Beauty

Posted on May. 09, 2017

Here is Christ’s tenderness and compassion towards His people in their guilt from sin.

 John is speaking of what makes a true church. What makes a church happy and humble and sweetly composed before God? He answers How do you get the junk out of a church; how God purifies His church; How God humbles His church so that they are not puffed...

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Returning to God’s Design for Communicating the Gospel in the Church

Posted on May. 08, 2017

The Mission of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches:

1. Proclaim the sufficiency of scripture for church and family life
2. Promote the centrality of the church in God’s plan for families
3. Recover the biblical doctrines of manhood and womanhood in church and family life
4. Explain the complementary roles of church and...

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Let’s Keep Biblical Motherhood Alive… By Breathing Life Into Our Mothers

Posted on May. 04, 2017

If you would like some ready made tools for encouraging your mothers, you can get them in “A Theology of the Family” 

Now through Wednesday, you can get it for $14.97 (50% off).

In this volume is a great section on motherhood. It’s chock-full in inspiration for mothers. This section contains ten short articles that will warm the heart of a...

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The Power of the Family Table for Evangelism

Posted on May. 03, 2017

Evangelism needs to be de-mystified… Taylor Tsantles does just that by explaining how simple it can be especially when it is part of the natural life of hospitality that God calls Christians to live. In this session you will see picture of a natural, simple, relational and genuine personal evangelism can be - around...

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Differences Between Evangelism, and the Gift of Evangelist

Posted on May. 02, 2017

Where should we focus our evangelizing efforts?

Kevin Swanson explains in this video that each person is called to disciple the nations. The word “nations” also includes families or communities. Accordingly, everyone is called to evangelism in some form. We are to evangelize to individuals within our homes and those outside the home as well.

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