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Church Life That Prepares for Marriage

Posted on Oct. 01, 2011

In this message, Jason Dohm discusses the fact that we need to be reminded to return to the first passionate love that we have once had for our spouses.  Just because our spouse might not look the same on the outward appearance doesn't mean that we should abandon that beautiful first love, just as Jesus...

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NCFIC in the Media

Posted on Sep. 29, 2011

Over the past month, God has put the NCFIC in the news like never before. Major religious and secular news outlets are reporting on it.

The Washington Post and USA Today ran stories about the NCFIC and age integration and of the many churches, who are reconsidering the practices of modern youth ministry—and jettisoning them.

The Huffington Post and the Christian Post, as well as our friend Kevin Swanson over at Generations with Vision also spoke.

We were profiled on OneNewsNow.

The Baptist Press posted a long article quoting youth ministry experts who are responding toDivided.

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