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A Day of Honor: Memorial Day - Part 2

Posted on Jun. 02, 2009



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Missionary Martyr on Revealed Patterns for Church Life

Posted on Jun. 02, 2009

“The pivot point hangs on whether or not God has revealed a universal pattern for the church in the New Testament. If He has not, then anything will do so long as it works.  But I am convinced that nothing so dear to the heart of Christ as His Bride should be left without explicit instructions as to her corporate conduct. I am further convinced that the 20th century has in no way simulated this pattern in its method of  ‘churching’ a community… it is incumbent upon me, if God has a pattern for the church, to find and establish that pattern, at all costs.”  

—Jim Elliot

Elizabeth Elliot, Shadow of The Almighty:  Life and Testimony of Jim Elliot (San Francisco, CA:  Harper & Row, 1989), 138-139.

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A Day of Honor: Memorial Day

Posted on May. 29, 2009

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What does NCFIC think about Christian creeds and confessions?

Posted on May. 18, 2009

We agree with the historic position on the sufficiency of Scripture which views the various creeds and confessions as invaluable (though not infallible) summaries of the Word of God. A creed (meaning “I believe”) is inevitable—even the anti-creedal statement, “No creed but Christ,” is a creed! The Christian creeds and confessions affirm the authority of God’s Word and provide the hermeneutical framework (the Holy Spirit working through His whole church) to help us rightly interpret it. All the cults profess simple “belief in the Bible,” yet they reject the creeds and confessions. We recognize the Nicene Creed as a standard of basic Christian orthodoxy.

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Open Invitation: An Old Fashion Memorial Day Celebration

Posted on May. 15, 2009

Every Memorial Day, our church sponsors an old fashioned Memorial Day Celebration for the whole community where we honor veterans and give glory to God for His providential acts in history. Our church serves a free lunch and prays that people will bring their friends and relatives who served our nation in the armed services.

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The Extreme Group to Gather Data at Sufficiency of Scripture 2009

Posted on May. 13, 2009

During our 2007 regional conference in Wake Forest NC, The Extreme Group wowed us with their real time polling technology. John Collins, President and CEO of The Extreme Group delivered instant poll results about the conference attendees seconds after the questions were asked and then immediately displayed them on the big screen for everyone to see. Gone are the days of counting raised hands or trying to sort out whether the “ayes have it”.

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J.I. Packer on Age Segregation in the Church

Posted on May. 11, 2009

J.I. Packer says, “generations should be mixed up in the church for the glory of God”.
In an interview with Modern Reformation Magazine, J.I. Packer was asked the question: “What do you think about a niche marketing approach that has by virtue of the different worship styles - teen pop, alternative, and adult boomer - created generational segregation?”

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Anatomy of Collapse

Posted on May. 08, 2009

“I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” –I Tim 3:15

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Why did we create the NCFIC Church Directory?

Posted on May. 07, 2009

As fathers turn their hearts toward home and return to the biblical culture of family life, it is only to be expected that such faithful men will desire a local church that supports rather than supplants the family. The NCFIC Church Directory has been established for the specific purpose of assisting the thousands of families and local church leaders who have contacted us expressing a desire to network with like-minded individuals and assemblies, to work for godly change within pre-existing local churches or to plant family-integrated local churches in their area.

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A Day of Honor: Memorial Day Posted by: Scott Brown on May 29, 2009           Comments Bloggin

Posted on May. 06, 2009

Our position is that those who love the church must speak out when she is being defiled. George Gillespie, writing in 1649, affirms this perspective:

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