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That The Sweetest Harmony Would Reign in Marriage

Posted on Feb. 13, 2009

Here is John Calvin on the glory of a Christain marriage. He notes the support, help, companionship, assistance, harmony, friendship and peace that God has wrought in providing marriage for man and woman,

“Now, since God assigns the woman as a help to the man, he not only prescribes to wives the rule of their vocation to instruct them in their duty, but he also pronounces that marriage will really prove to men the best support of life. We may therefore conclude, that the order of nature implies that the woman should be the helper of the man. The vulgar proverb, indeed, is, that she is a necessary evil; but the voice of God is rather to be heard….”

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Charles Darwin – A Case Study in Preparing Children for Marriage

Posted on Feb. 12, 2009

Preparing children to marry is one of the most important parental tasks. It is obvious that Darwin had no conception of the
marks of a Christian marriage the year before he married. Instead of a stage for the self sacrificial love of Christ, he saw marriage as an intrusion into personal pleasure and satisfaction. Among his papers there is a checklist Darwin made to decide whether or not it was worth getting married. It is believed that he wrote this memorandum on marriage in 1838 the year before he married.

Here is a young man who was not mentored in doctrine of Christian marriage and therefore entered marriage totally unprepared,

“Reasons for not marrying: freedom to go where one liked; choice of Society & little of it. - Conversation of clever men at clubs - Not forced to visit relatives, & to bend in every trifle. - to have the expense & anxiety of children - perhaps quarrelling - Loss of time. - cannot read in the Evenings - fatness & idleness - Anxiety & responsibility - less money for books.”

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Charles Darwin, Out of Step with the Puritans on Marriage

Posted on Feb. 12, 2009

Here are some statements from various Puritans on marriage that show a sharp contrast between a Darwinian marriage and a Godly marriage.

Thomas Adams (1612-1653) “There is no such fountain of comfort on earth, as marriage”

Robert Cleaver, (1560-1640) “There can be no greater society or company, than is between a man and his wife.”

George Swinnock (1627-1673) “They are partners in the nearest degree imaginable”

Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) “The man whose heart is endeared to the woman he loves, he dreams of her in the night, hath her in his eye and apprehension when he awakes, he museth on here as he sits at table, walks with her when he travels and parlies with her in each place where he comes.”

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The Essence of Biblical Patriarchy

Posted on Feb. 11, 2009

At Hope Baptist, we are preaching through the Ten Commandments. This Sunday we will providentially consider the seventh command, “You shall not commit adultery” (Deuteronomy 5:18) This command will initiate a celebration of the wonderful commands of God for marriage. This command takes us into the deepest recesses of the heart of God’s love for men and women. He desires us to mirror His own nature in the loving unified relationships in the Godhead as well as His sacrificial love for the church that Christ demonstrates. This is the essence of Biblical patriarchy and it displays the truth that God’s commands for marriage are both a soothing breeze and a wall of protection for all those who would obey them…

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The Sway of Love - A Wife’s Influence on her Husband

Posted on Feb. 10, 2009

The blessings and opportunities of marriage are on my mind this week as I am preaching on the seventh commandment (“Thou shalt not commit adultery”) and joining with 25 couples in our home this weekend to consider, “Our Marriages and the Marriages of our Sons and Daughters.” Here is J.R. Miller writing on the amazing role of a wife as an influencer of her husband.

“Again let me say that no wife can over-estimate the influence she wields over her husband, or the measure in which his character, his career and his every destiny are laid in her hands for shaping. The sway which she holds over him is the sway of love, but it is mighty and resistless. If she retains her power, if she holds her place as queen of his life, she can do with him as she will. Even unconsciously to her herself, without any thought of her responsibility, she will exert over him an influence that will go far toward making or marring all his future.

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How Young Men Bless Their Sisters

Posted on Feb. 10, 2009

The opportunity that siblings have is a very special one that only lasts a few years. Here is another powerful quote from J.R. Miller explaining one of the most wonderful of these opportunities,

“A young man should be more polite to his own sister that to any other young woman under heaven; and a young woman should ever turn to her brother as the one nearest in all this world to her until a husband stands by her side. Brothers and sisters are each other’s natural keepers. They should shield each other. They should be an inspiration to each other in the direction of all noble thought and better life. They should be each other’s guardian angels in this world of danger and of false and fatal paths.”

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Rachel Weeping for Her Children - Sins of the Sixth Commandment

Posted on Feb. 09, 2009

On Sunday, I preached on the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.’ The sins of the sixth commandment are usually ragings against the sovereignty of God and the image of God in man. They include, abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, slander, and hatred in the heart. Also, see Rachel Weeping For Her Children. Brent Nelson at has written a heart wrenching piece on the anti woman realities of our new political administration.

“My claim is this: abortion is also an assault on both physical and spiritual womanhood. It grieves with unspeakable pain, the heart of the woman whose very existence, as the full image bearer of God, inclines her to nurture life. Those who truly have a woman’s best at heart, cannot but strive against the evil of abortion…”

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Video Clip: Family Idolatry - What Drives it?

Posted on Feb. 06, 2009

Family Idolatry - What Drives it - Jeff Pollard

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Fulfilling the Great Commission - “Heroes and Cowards” – An Argument for Relational Churches

Posted on Feb. 04, 2009

Why are some men heroes and other men cowards? Why do some men stay and fight and others flee from the battlefield? Secular authors and economics professors Dora Costa and Matthew Khan explored this question by looking at factors that affected deserters during the Civil War. Their conclusion: relationships. In their book Heroes and Cowards, The Social Face of War, they state:

“Four brave men who do not know each other will dare not attack a lion. Four less brave, but knowing each other well, sure of their reliability and consequently of mutual aid, will attack resolutely.”

I believe these authors have uncovered an important biblical principal which is also key to healthy local church life. Since the desertion rate in the American church is far higher than the desertion rate of soldiers during the Civil War, this question deserves careful thought and study.

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Interns Study “The Master Plan of Evangelism,” by Robert Coleman

Posted on Feb. 02, 2009

Today the NCFIC interns will begin reading a book that my pastor, John Tebay* gave me around 40 years ago – The Master Plan of Evangelism, by Robert Coleman. I still have the original copy of that book and it is very precious to me. Contained in this book is an illustration of the doctrine of the sufficiency of scripture applied to discipleship methodology. Coleman takes the discipleship patterns of Christ and applies them. Coleman’s proposition is that Christ staked his entire ministry, not on the reactions of the multitudes, but on twelve men. Christ was a personal disciple maker. John Tebay was also a personal disciple maker and his work in my life lives on…

* John Tebay was pastor of Calvary Church of Placentia, California, my home church, for 45 years. He loved the Word of God, the church and the family and I will always give praise to God for his deposit in my life as a young believer.

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