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Anatomy of Collapse

Posted on May. 08, 2009

“I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” –I Tim 3:15

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Why did we create the NCFIC Church Directory?

Posted on May. 07, 2009

As fathers turn their hearts toward home and return to the biblical culture of family life, it is only to be expected that such faithful men will desire a local church that supports rather than supplants the family. The NCFIC Church Directory has been established for the specific purpose of assisting the thousands of families and local church leaders who have contacted us expressing a desire to network with like-minded individuals and assemblies, to work for godly change within pre-existing local churches or to plant family-integrated local churches in their area.

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A Day of Honor: Memorial Day Posted by: Scott Brown on May 29, 2009           Comments Bloggin

Posted on May. 06, 2009

Our position is that those who love the church must speak out when she is being defiled. George Gillespie, writing in 1649, affirms this perspective:

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How does NCFIC relate to similar ministries?

Posted on May. 04, 2009

NCFIC does not view itself as the “end all” solution to the culture-driven, age-segregated, peer-dominated modern church. Other similar ministries have proficiency beyond our own in various areas. So in addition to the resources we provide, it is our firm and constant goal to help these like-minded ministries succeed at what they do best. We also work with state and regional groups who wish to affiliate with us for local and national conferences and other purposes.

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Oh That Our Wills Would Be Lost in God’s Will

Posted on Apr. 29, 2009

“We can imagine no higher degree of perfection than that which is here set before us. To take patiently whatever God sends—to wish nothing but what God approves—to prefer pain, if it pleases God to send it, to ease, if God does not think fit to bestow it—to lie passive under God’s hand, and know no will but His—this is the highest standard at which we can aim, and of this our Lord’s conduct in Gethsemane is a perfect pattern.

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Is NCFIC a new denomination of churches?

Posted on Apr. 28, 2009

No, absolutely not. NCFIC is not a new denomination or confederation of churches but rather a network and resource for family-integrated churches and families seeking them. It is a ministry to America’s churches by Christian leaders who see faithful fathers and mothers struggling to find a meaningful, family-affirming relationship with their local church. All the men who work with NCFIC believe in biblical church authority and are all under the oversight of their own local churches with regard to their moral life.

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What is NCFIC’s purpose?

Posted on Apr. 27, 2009

NCFIC’s purpose is to correctly understand God’s unified vision for church and family, rightly diagnose the problems that impede this vision, and effectively communicate biblical solutions that rebuild family-affirming churches. We do not believe that family-integration is the only—or even the primary—issue in selecting or establishing a local church. But it is unquestionably a defining issue of our day as the modern church has lost the essential familistic culture that we see modeled in the New Testament.

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Calvin on: The Superiority of God over Satan

Posted on Apr. 27, 2009

“But God tries in one way, Satan in another. Satan tempts that he may destroy, condemn, confound, cast down, but God, that by proving his own children he may make trial of their sincerity, and establish their strength by exercising it; that he may mortify, purify, and cauterize their flesh, which unless it were forced under this restraint would play the wanton and vaunt itself beyond measure.”

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On: “Can’t we Have it Both Ways” Jason Dohm says that “both ways” never works anyway

Posted on Apr. 23, 2009

“My observation is that it is certain that we can’t have it both ways. In environments where the discipleship of children is outsourced to others in the church setting, I have never observed it to be the rule that fathers play their Biblical role of discipling them in the home. Never! Not once! I have observed dozens of churches, and I have not once observed a church where they have it both ways, nor do they even claim to.

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Why Can’t We Have it Both Ways?

Posted on Apr. 20, 2009

People often ask me, “Why can’t we have it both ways – the best of both worlds - age segregation in the church and fathers teaching and leading their homes?”

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