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Unity in Your Family and Harmony with the Local Church

Posted on Sep. 25, 2017

Scripture makes it clear that parents are primarily responsible for the discipleship of their children. But that’s not all. The local church has also been given a significant role in that same work of discipleship through preaching, fellowship, hospitality, discipleship, prayer, and evangelism. 

At the National Center for Family-Integrated...

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Repentance: Fleeing From My Own Ways

Posted on Sep. 22, 2017

What does repentance involve?

Mike Davenport explains in this video that repentance is fleeing from and leaving behind your old ways and taking on God’s ways and thoughts. It involves meditating on the things of God instead of dwelling on sinful or idle things. 

Repentance involves the turning to God from idols to serve Him, the true and...

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The Reformation and a “Head, Heart, and Hand Theology”

Posted on Sep. 20, 2017

What did the Reformation give to Christians?

Joel Beeke explains in this video that the Reformation gave to Christians a “head, heart, and hand theology.” Roman Catholicism did not allow an individual to study the Bible for themselves – rather, they were forced to comply with the teachings of the Pope. But, Christianity and the...

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What Is Godly Sorrow?

Posted on Sep. 18, 2017

What does godly sorrow involve?

Don Hart explains in this video that godly sorrow is a grieving heart and mind because we know that we have sinned against God who gave His only begotten Son for us. We realize that we have failed to follow the Savior that came and lived a perfect life, died unjustly, was abused and mocked, and took the wrath of...

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Journey Through the Bible - Pre-Order Now: $14.95

Posted on Sep. 14, 2017

We are excited to introduce our new book, “Journey Through the Bible.”

This book is designed to help entire families grasp the message of the whole Bible as they read through the Scriptures together. It provides the context and message of each book of the Bible along with corresponding study questions to spark discussion and hymns to sing.

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