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A Great Awakening

Posted on Jul. 26, 2017

They were a remnant cut down… but not destroyed. After seventy years in Babylon, the Lord enlivens them to return to the land. It is a work of grace. It is an exodus. There are three exoduses in the Bible: From Egypt to the promised land in 1445bc; From Babylon to Judah, 538bc; From the world to the kingdom of God - because of the resurrection...

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Semper Reformanda: “Always Reforming”

Posted on Jul. 25, 2017

Is there ever a point in our lives where we outgrow our need for sanctification?

Carlton McLeod explains in this video that as Christians, we are not perfect and we never will be. Even when we think that we are at a good spot and "have it all together," we should always be reforming and we must remain teachable. We must realize there are...

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The Prevailing Religion of the Day

Posted on Jul. 21, 2017

What is the prevailing “religion” of the day?

Paul Carrington explains in this video that the prevailing religion of the day is moralism - that somehow, you can make yourself acceptable to God. Or, if you don't believe in God, that you can live a "good life." You have a high opinion of yourself and somehow, that makes you "acceptable"...

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Christianity Is a Life Centered Around a Person

Posted on Jul. 20, 2017

Archibald Brown in his book, The Face of Jesus Christ, speaks of the heart of what it means to be a Christian. The heart of the matter is not getting your act together or adopting new principles or lifestyles or theologies… although it will always include these things… But the heart of genuine Christianity is stated here:

Christianity is all...

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What’s Different Between Our Times and the Protestant Reformation?

Posted on Jul. 20, 2017

What is a distinction between the Reformation and the world we live in today?

Kevin Swanson explains in this video that one distinction is that we have a much easier access to the Word of God. They did not have it available in the common tongue, in their churches, or in their homes. Though we each have access to Scripture, many have decided to...

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Christ is Most Precious, When You ...

Posted on Jul. 19, 2017

You never knew what Jesus Christ really was worth until the clouds came over your head. You had often, perhaps, heard about, and talked about, the sympathy of Jesus. But, oh dear, what an unreal thing it was until you had nothing else to fall back on! You never know what the preciousness of Christ really was worth until you saw one treasure...

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The Offense of Reformation Without Repentance

Posted on Jul. 19, 2017

Is it possible to have true reformation in our lives and within our churches without repentance?

Anthony Mathenia explains in this video that true, biblical reformation cannot happen apart from repentance. Trying to change our own lives through our own strength will not work. We cannot fight sin in our lives without God.  

To bring about...

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