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What’s So Bad About Sin?

Does anything good result from a life that is given over to sin?

Kevin Swanson explains in this video that sin is not enjoyable. Sin results in a lack of peace. Sin ruins our relationships. In fact, sin ruins and corrupts every element of our lives. In short, there is no good that comes from a life of sin.

In contrast, when we receive the...

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What is Holiness

What is holiness and what are misinterpretations of it?

Jeff Pollard explains in this video that the Greek words found in the New Testament for “holiness” and “sanctification” essentially mean being “set apart for God’s use.”

Far too often, we understand holiness as not doing something. But, when we get this narrow focus of...

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By This We Know Love

The Christian life can become so complicated. There are so many issues to consider. You can fall into a trap thinking that its all about coming down on the right doctrine, having the right theology, finding the right church and locking in the right methodology. These things are important. But in many ways, the Christian life is simpler than...

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Our Part in Our Own Sanctification

What is a Christian's responsibility in sanctification?

Marcus Serven explains in this video that one of the key passages in Scripture that explains and discusses the interplay between holiness and knowing that you are complete in Christ is found in Philippians.

While it may seem as though you alone are responsible for your sanctification,...

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Friends Your Age Are Not Enough

Here is a great article by Jaquelle Crowe on

She opens the article by saying:

We like people who are like us. Beginning as children, we’re corralled by different categories and compartmentalization. Age may be the biggest. From grade school to Sunday...

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