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Albert Mohler on Removing Children from Worship

Posted on Mar. 02, 2018

During the chapel service at Southern Seminary on Feb 22, 2018, Seminary President Albert Mohler made the following statement, correcting the modern church for its practice of removing children from the worship of God in the churches,

“Wherever children are be found they are to be welcomed by Christ’s people. Christ’s people are to be more...

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House of Joy or House of..

Posted on Mar. 02, 2018

Here is the story of the tragic loss of the presence of God in the hearts of those who continued lifelessly in their religious activities. We find Jesus at Passover chasing the money changers out of the Temple and declaring that the temple of His body will be destroyed and raised up in three days. This is a story about the temple of God and...

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How Hope Is Secured

Posted on Mar. 01, 2018

The whole book of Ezra teaches us that there can be hope in the midst of ruin. Ezra 10:5-44 continues the story of hope which was declared in the first five verses where Schechaniah declares, "yet now there is hope in Israel in spite of this.” - in spite of sins committed. However, in verses 5-44, it is revealed how the hope of repentance was...

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Pillars of Church Life, Part 1

Posted on Feb. 28, 2018

In this first session on church membership, Scott Brown outlines the nature and activities of a church. It is the Lord Himself who defines what a church is and what it does. The problem with church life in any generation is created when the leaders become captains of their own ships and create the church anew in their generation. In this...

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A Man With a Message

Posted on Feb. 27, 2018
God has appointed fathers to be men with a message, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.” Psalm 78:4
Men need to break the patterns of their fathers by delivering the right messages. The godly man is a man with a message. He has something to say. Men have a...

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What to Do When Bitten by Fiery Serpents - (Num. 16-36; Mk. 7-10)

Posted on Feb. 23, 2018

At 3:00 pm EST, Scott LaPierre and I are going live to discuss the things we read over the past week as we are reading through the Bible. We will be on the line for 20 minutes to give some practical insights for families for the reading from the past week in Numbers, and Mark.

You can view the webinar here.

A Holy Diversity or Youth Culture

Posted on Feb. 23, 2018

We have long proclaimed the sinfulness of creating different cultures in the church based on age and affinity. Why? Because God’s design (revealed in scripture) for the church makes it a "body and a “family" composed of a diverse mix of ages and personalities and life stages. God brings this diversity together in “one body.” As a result we...

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How God Helps Us to Pray Without Ceasing

Posted on Feb. 22, 2018
The Lord draws His children near in many ways. He is kind. One way He does this is to give us many reasons to pray in the normal course of life. This is demonstrated in the life of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible records Jesus prayers in many places in the Gospels. When did He pray? Why did He pray? While the list below is not...

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He Manifested His Glory

Posted on Feb. 21, 2018

In John 2:1-12 we see how Jesus began His public ministry in a very surprising way. John the Baptist came “neither eating or drinking,” and was dressed in camels hair and a leather belt and deprived himself of the comforts of this life. Jesus, now enters the scene in sharp contrast. His first miracle shows Him celebrating, feasting and...

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Why Folks Resist Authority

Posted on Feb. 19, 2018

In this audio message, Jeff Pollard explains the matter of elder authority from Hebrews 13. He begins by examining why people have such difficulty with authority.  He says,

"The clear and direct language of the text undoubtedly sounds foreign to modern American ears for at least four reasons: 

(1) Our inherently sinful condition: In the...

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