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How to Take Dominion

Posted on Sep. 25, 2015

Yesterday I took our interns to Mt. Vernon, the home of President George Washington. The objective was to instruct our interns on how to take dominion by learning from a great mentor – George Washington.

It is a joy to do this as it gives me an opportunity to speak of some of the important things that young men can learn from Washington. His courage, faith, family life, industry, and many other qualities are such good examples for these young men. Here are a few of the areas I identified:

  • He took dominion over his entire demeanor. We studied his Rules of Civility, which explain his objectives.
  • He took incremental dominion over his house and land. He practiced what I call, Incremental Dominion, taking one step at a time using what he had. The way he built his house was by starting with a small, one-story home and expanding it into the 9,000 square-foot mansion as it came to be. That is incremental dominion.
  • He took dominion over his disposition. We noted his confidence in God and how it made him fearless in battle, and even appreciative of the sound of bullets flying by his head.
  • He took dominion over his mind. Though he felt he had a defective education, he was a reader and learner.
  • He took dominion over his resources. He was ever expanding what he had rather than holding.
  • He took dominion over his schedule. He went to bed promptly at 9:00, rose at 5:00, and ate breakfast at 7:00 and dinner promptly at 3:00.