A Fantastic Book for Fathers from Sam Waldron

Sam Waldron has written a significant book, A Man as Priest in His Home. In it, he explains how a father is appointed as priest in his home and all that it means. He explains so well how the Old Testament types are fulfilled in Christ and in the lives of New Covenant priests as they function as fathers. He surveys the biblical content of the priesthood and uses Job as an example of how one father functioned as priest. I preached a message on this here, "Job, Dealing With Sin in Your Family."

Waldron says that priests "fulfilled five distinctive roles in the Bible that we must carry out in our home. Priests are intercessors in prayer, directors in worship, mediators of divine blessing, instructors in scripture and judges in holy things." (p33)

I highly recommend this book. Gather some men around you and read it together. Here is an added bonus in this book: You will see how the Old Testament shadows are to be interpreted in the time of the New Covenant.

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