A Diverse Intergenerational Family

The grand assumption of A Weed in the Church is that the family needs the church - not just any church, but a church that is structured according to biblical commands and patterns. This book primarily addresses the generational design of the church that we see in the Bible. 

This is how a family is designed, and the church is a family. In a family, old people need young people and young people need old people. All of us need to be with people who are different than we are. I am arguing for a church that is a diverse, age-integrated, life stage mingled, family integrated family. This undivided family is composed of singles, marrieds, widows, fathers, mothers and every other age or life stage category you can think of. This provides a richness of socialization. I marvel at the rich social fabric that God designed for His church.

The reason I wrote this book is that families need good churches. They need churches that will help them not harm them. As you will learn as you read, my view is that many churches are harming families. Families need good teaching, biblical fellowship and the discipline and the experiences that churches provide. It is very harmful for a family to be disconnected from a biblical church. I’ll go further: it is very harmful when a family does not make a local church the center of its life. 

But it is also harmful to be in churches which are structured in ways that hurt families.

Families need biblically ordered churches which represent the will of Jesus for His church. They should not only be churches that preach sound doctrine and incorporate only biblical practices. Sound doctrine, biblical practices, and biblical preaching are pivotal. But people also need churches which reflect the diversities of the kingdom of God. In the kingdom of God, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the wise and the foolish are all gathered together. In the biblical design of the church, you find a diverse intergenerational family.

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