An Example of Happy Family Worship

Missionary, John G. Paton speaks of the rich experience he had in family worship as a boy:

“None of us can remember that any day ever passed unhallowed thus: no hurry for market, no rush to business, no arrival friends or guests, no trouble or sorrow, no joy or excitement, ever prevented at least our kneeling around the family altar, while the High Priest led our prayers to God, and offered himself and his children there. And blessed to others, as well as to ourselves, was the light of such example! I have heard that, in long after-years, the worst woman in the village of Torthorwald, then leading an immoral life, but since changed by the grace of God, was known to declare, that the only thing that kept her from despair and from the Hell of the suicide, was when in the dark winter nights she crept close up underneath my father’s window and heard him pleading in Family Worship that God would convert ‘the sinner from the error of wicked ways, and polish him as a jewel for the Redeemer’s crown.’ ‘I felt,’ said she, ‘that I was a burden on that good man’s heart, and I knew that God would not disappoint him. That thought kept me out of Hell, and at last led me to the only Saviour’” (Paton 21).

Paton, John G. John G. Paton, Missionary to the New Hebrides. Ed. James Paton. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1889. Print. 

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