Disagreements Over Covid 19 Issues

How should we be thinking through the differing perspectives that people have over this virus?

There are many opportunities to disagree on medical knowledge, government intervention, livestreaming, ceasing meetings, meeting size... There are many opportunities for division. 

Let’s not give the Devil a foothold.We should do all we can to, “preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” The Devil loves to take advantage of us. His schemes work very nicely in times of trial. 

Some will want to run for the hills and others will stay in the fray. We ought to have a spirit of grace toward both and respect those who make different decisions. The Bible issues commands for this, “honor one another,” “stop passing judgment on one another,” “be at peace with one another,” “live in harmony with one another,’ “be patient with one another,” pray for one another.”

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