Do Not Become Troubled Along the Way

Joseph forgave his brothers for throwing him in a pit and selling him to Midianite traders. When they left to get their father and families to come to Egypt, Joseph said to them, "See that you do not become troubled along the way." (Gen. 45:24). In other words, all is forgiven, put it out of your minds, don't argue or fret about it. John Gill comments that Joseph, "was desirous the whole should be buried in oblivion." There is much sin to grieve and be sorry for in this life, yet God has cleared us, nailing our sins to the cross, putting them as far as the East is from the West, Sin is atoned for. It is finished. The Father chose you, loves you keeps you, carries you. Do not be troubled along the way. This is not cheap grace for the Freedom was won by the incalculable suffering of our Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God.

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