In the depths of your heart, do you honor the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ? From the very beginning of the Gospel of John, it is clear that the heart of the good news is the divinity perfections of Jesus Christ. This is the central message of the gospel message and the theme of the Gospel of John. Who is Jesus Christ? This is the question John answers on every page of his Gospel. But the question we must ask is this, “do we honor the Son of God?” J.C. Ryle speaks of the importance of this passage in these words, “These verses begin one of the most deep and solemn passages in the four Gospels. They show us the Lord Jesus asserting His own Divine nature, His unity with God the Father, and the high dignity of His office. Nowhere does our Lord dwell so fully on these subjects as in the chapter before us. And nowhere, we must confess, do we find out so thoroughly the weakness of man’s understanding! In our text Jesus claims to be God in five ways:

I. He is equal with God in nature, v17-18
II. He is equal with God in works, v19-20
III. He is equal with God in authority, v21
IV. He is equal with God in judgment, v22
V. He is equal with God in honor, v23-24

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