Don't Cross Up the Feminist, Pro-Abort, Gay, Woke Socialists

Don’t cross up the feminist, pro-abortion, gay woke socialists. You'll pay in the era of vicious social media pile on’s. The moment you get on the wrong side of history, your reputation and livelihood goes up in flames. If you step out of the progressive line for a moment – even in one moment of lack of wisdom or joking around - the shame storm blows in tearing your house down. Category 5. No one has a sense of humor anymore. Context, reality, history, humor and character are disregarded. Witnesses - not necessary, only an accusation on social media. Personality eisegesis ensues. Position and person is destroyed. You're fired, suspended, put out. Reputation shredded. It’s the progressive version of excommunication. Then you panic and apologize and nuance, and it only makes it worse. Truth is not allowed. You are branded - bigoted, mean spirited, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic and abusive. You are an enemy of humanity, love and reason. Welcome to the new world. But let's be clear: no one should be afraid of this or shrink back from contradicting the feminist, pro-abort, gay woke progressives. The Church must cross them up or cease to be the Church. This is our duty.

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