I resonate with this, from William S. Plumer, Studies in the Book of Psalms,

"How much comfort, light, and strength have the Psalms imparted to my fainting soul. I often not only missed the way, but lost the very trace of it. I sat me down as if I had become petrified. One word from the Psalms was a sunbeam to me; like a lark I settled on the pinions of that eagle; carried by her, I scaled the rock, and beheld from that eminence the world, with its cares and mine, stretched out beneath me; I acquired to think, infer, mourn, pray,... wait, hope, and speak in the spirit of David. I thank thee, O Lord, that thou hast humbled me. I acquired to know and understand the rights of God –his purposes of love and faithfulness to every man, but especially to myself –his mighty wisdom towards us his creatures in our present state of probation, as well as the blessedness, benefit, and necessity of suffering for our cleansing, purification, and perfection. I learned to esteem myself happy in being permitted to endure suffering. I attained to a better knowledge of the wisdom and love of God, the truth of his word and assurance, the unalterable faithfulness of his promises, the riches of his mercy and long-suffering; of my own dependence, insufficiency, nothingness, and inability without him, of the wickedness and deceit of my heart, of the world, of men, and of the profound wisdom of God in the blending of evil with good. I became less in my own sight, more suffering and affectionate, more sparing and forgiving, more severe with myself, more lenient to others. I learned to trust God in all my ways and to renounce the claims of fame, honour, and comfort. It was nourishment to my soul to be enabled to say: ‘Lord, let me possess but Thee.’ I asked for no more aid in temporal concerns than his wisdom might find good for the best of my soul. I learned to become more contented in my desires, more moderate in my enjoyments. I was enabled with tears to express my gratitude for mercies, which formerly I counted not as blessings, but as my right and due. If my soul would keep holy-day, the Psalms became my temple and my altar. Next to the writings of the New Testament, they are now to me my dearest and most precious book –the golden mirror, the cyclopaedia of the most blessed and fruitful knowledge and experience of my life; to thoroughly understand them will be the occupation of eternity, and our second life will form their commentary.”

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