"Family of Families" in the News

Three words, "family of families" are often lifted bleeding and screaming from their context from our original Biblical Confession for Uniting Church and Family1. They have received lots of airtime in various discussion venues. A Reformed Baptist Blog2 has focused several lengthy posts on this subject. A couple of associations of churches have made similar claims, and personal blogs3 have also made commentary on the statement. But what did we mean? Our four part series on the phrase "family of families" is designed to put the statement in context and to answer some of the questions that have been raised by it. Part 1 gives a brief history of the statement. Part 2 clarifies what we meant by the statement. Part 3 answers one of the accusations that has been made. Part 4 gives some insight on what we have learned from this experience.


1  The original confession can be accessed atwww.visionforumministries.org/home/about/a_biblical_confession_for_unit_1.apxHowever, several years ago, the NCFIC updated its confession to remove the phrase "family of families" and replace it with different words which more clearly convey our meaning

2  The Reformed Baptist Fellowship Blog has posted a five part series of articles entitled "The Family Integrated Church. They can be accessed atwww.reformedbaptistfellowship.wordpress.com/2009/10/

3  Shepherd's Pie Blog, "What should we think of the family integrated church movement?" www.grbc.net/blog/2009/09/16/what-should-we-think-of-the-family-integrated-church-movement/
Reformed Baptist Blog, "Reformed Baptists Address the Family-Integrated Church Movement" www.reformedbaptist.blogspot.com/2009/10/reformed-baptists-address-family.html

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