Family Worship as Intellectual Improvement

Here are some statements by JW Alexander on the impact of reading, praying and singing twice per day, 

“The influence of Family Worship on mental culture is only a part of the general influence of religion on the mind. True piety improves the understanding. The worship of God is a means of disciplining the faculties. The domestic worship of God is a means of family cultivation, in respect to the intellectual powers.”  Psalm 119:130, “The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.” And “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

“There have been Scottish mechanics, husbandmen and shepherds, who have known no book but the Word of God, and who have nevertheless become able theologians, and instructed men… As a triumphant example of the formative influence of the simple scriptures on even an unlettered mind, we need only mention the immortal name of John Bunyan.” p82, 86

“prayer itself is an intellectual discipline. No man can pray habitually without thereby gaining control over his thoughts, and cultivation of his faculties, P88… every act of prayer directs the mind towards the greatest possible objects.” P89… From the moment of budding thought, all along the way of years, until the last day of life, the household have been gathered, morning and evening, for attendance on the scriptures and prayer; to contemplate the great God, to meditate on the best of books, to mingle in the most sacred emotions. Such and aggregate of influence even o the intellect, can never be estimated in the present world…” p90. Alexander says that this adds over 700 “distinct religious exercises…”

He says that reading the Bible, prayer, singing and teaching children to read using the Bible trains for literacy.

From, The Family, by JW Alexander

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