Fear of God Conference - Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the “Fear of God” conference was a beautiful and blessed day. We have included some pictures below of what’s been happening around the conference. We enjoyed more messages by some of our speakers

John Snyder started off the day by going to Isaiah 11, and speaking on the delight of Christ to fear the Lord. He is our ultimate example, thus if it delighted Christ to fear His Father, then shouldn’t we follow His example and delight in fearing Him as well?

Next, we had Jeff Pollard come and speak to us about the blessings that Paul lays out in 2 Corinthians, and the importance of not being yoked with unbelievers. And he asked a question that we should all ponder: What are you drawn to? You are either drawn towards God, or towards the world. Do you hear the world, and desire it more than Christ? Carefully ponder these questions, and examine yourself.

Next we had Carlton McLeod, who spoke about the importance of trembling upon hearing the Word of God. What is your response when you hear the Word of God preached, especially when it is a passage that speaks against a particular sin in your life? Are we quick to repent and obey God, or do we harden our hearts, and try to twist the Scriptures such that the interpretation is in our favor?

Sam Waldron continued by showing that God had promised that he would implant the fear of God in the hearts of His people at the time of Jeremiah! He took us to Jeremiah 32, where God speaks of the many promises that He said He would bestow on His people. One of these glorious promises was that He would implant in the hearts of His people a perpetual, holy, and filial fear of Him. “[T]hat they may fear me forever” (Jeremiah 32:39).

To end the day, Anthony Mathenia preached from the book of Jonah, speaking about the lessons that we can learn about the fear of the Lord from the life of this prophet. We ought to ask ourselves, “Are we seeking to obey the Lord, or are we looking for every excuse and spending resources to disobey Him?” Jonah's disobedience had a negative effect on Jonah both physically, and especially spiritually. It is no different with us.   

If you are joining us on the livestream, we will be beginning again tomorrow morning at 8:30am with Joel Beeke, where he will be seeking to show the connection between the fear of God and Bunyan’s view of God.  We hope that you will be able to join us!

Here are some pictures from the day:

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