Fear of God Conference - Day 3 Recap

Today was the final day of the “Fear of God” conference. Today’s sessions included breakouts, where our speakers sought to further unpack this issue of the fear of God and its many applications to all areas of life. Later in the day, we listened to a few more keynote messages and a Q&A discussion panel, as well as a conclusion of the whole matter of the conference by Scott Brown.

Ken Ham was the first keynote of the day, as he spoke on the topic of Noah, and the lessons on godly fear we can learn from this historical account. Similar to Noah’s day, there are many even today who seek to mock those who obey the Lord. The question is: Are we going to fear God and obey Him, or are we going to fear man?

During the final keynote session, prior to the Q&A and Scott Brown's conclusion, Kevin Swanson spoke on the relationship between the fear of God and the knowledge of God. Proverbs 1:7 makes it clear that the “fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” The fear of God should be manifested in every area of our life and academics. Train your children to fear God as the foundation for all knowledge!

The audio for the conference will become available in the NCFIC store soon. We encourage all those who weren’t able to attend to get a copy of the messages. This is a crucial area of life. We cannot experience true godliness if we lack a proper fear of God. Not the dreadful and sinful fear of unbelievers (whether it’s a sinful fear of God or nature), but the child-like, filial fear of unbelievers. The fear that drives us from our sin, and draws us near to God!

So to conclude, what or who do you fear? Do you fear God or man? Examine yourself diligently!

“Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD,
Who walks in His ways.”

- Psalm 128:1

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