For the "God Told Me" Crowd

We often hear people say, “God told me…” and it always strikes fear in me when I hear it - unless they are talking about God telling them something specifically stated in the Bible. Here is  Robert Lewis Dabney on the subject of young men getting direct revelation for their call to the ministry:

“…People seem to imagine that some voice is to be heard, or some impression to be felt, or some impulse to be given to the soul, they hardly know what or whence, which is to force the man into the ministry without rational or scriptural deliberation… Let the pious young man ask himself this plain question, Is there any other expression of God’s will given to us except the Bible?… The Holy Spirit has ceased to give direct revelations. He speaks to no rational adult now through any other medium than his word, applied by his gracious light to the understanding and conscience. To look for anything else from him is superstition. While the call of prophets and apostles was by special revelation, that of the gospel ministry may be termed a scriptural call.”

The Man of God, Albert Martin, p36, Trinity Pulpit Press

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