In the holy words before us today, it is clear that Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth. While this is a wonderful contemplation it is also a revealing one, for we are not full of grace and truth. In God’s mercy, He provides one who is full of the things we lack. Take note of the context: In the prologue (1:1-18) John explains who Jesus is and where He came from. Each verse in the Prologue is packed with carefully crafted language to explain Him. Then from 1:19 to the end of the Gospel, John shows us, in graphic terms, what Jesus did. What He did cannot be understood without first knowing who He is. John identifies many of His divine characteristics in the prologue. In this message, we will cover 1:14-18 which further explains five of the characteristics of the glory of His grace and truth.

1. The eternity of the Son, v1a
2. The communion of the Son, v1b
3. The deity of the Son, v2
4. The creative power of the Son, v3
5. The life-giving presence of the Son, v4
6. The constant shining light of the Son, v5
7. The man sent from God to bear witness of the Son, v6-9
8. The world which did not receive the Son, v10-11
9. The children who received the Son, v12-13
10. The incarnation of the Son, v14
11. The superiority of the Son, v15
12. The fullness of Grace from the Son, v16
13. The grace and truth of the Son, v17
14. The revealing of the Father through the Son, v18

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