"The Bible is very clear about the use of our tongues, informing us that we will be held accountable before God at the judgment for every idle word we have spoken. It is, therefore, every person‘s responsibility in the church to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace and to promote love by creating a culture of blessing. 

This message speaks to the clarity of God on matters regarding the tongue.

The Bible says the tongue is a killer, having “the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21). It can be used both as a love killing sin and a love building blessing. 

The English Puritan, Richard Allestree calls the tongue an “uncircumcised Philistine.” He says that only God can deal with the “massive armor” of such a formidable enemy. In his book, “The Government of the Tongue,” he uses the Word of God, “stones from the brook” as he calls them, to hurl at that Philistine to topple him. 

This message is a call to hurl stones at that Philistine. Stories of harm in the church and family from unbridled tongues are legendary. 

One such story is told of the days of Hudson Taylor who founded the China Inland Mission. His successor, D.E. Hoste was responsible for managing over 1000 missionaries all over China. As he reflected upon the most troubling issues the mission faced, he said, 

“Looking back over these fifty years, I really think that if I were asked to mention one thing which has done more harm and occasioned more sorrow and division in God’s work than anything else, I should say tale-bearing.” 

The tongue is one of the smallest members of the human body yet has the power to unravel love in a church, destroy a reputation and separate the best of friends. 

Unfortunately, private divisions carried along by talebearing often mushroom into public divisions. 

During this message, considering the government of the tongue we will cover the following six subjects: 

I. Defining the misuse of the tongue – The language of scripture 
II. A Poisonous Recipe - How to Destroy Your Church 
III. Bad excuses for talebearing 
IV. How God treats talebearers 
V. A Life-Giving Recipe - How to Build Up Your Church, Family, and Work 
VI. How to respond when you hear the talebearer

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