Happy Times Praying, Reading and Singing

When Spurgeon was a child, he says that his family experienced many happy times around the hearth, reading and praying and singing with his family. Here he says that this should be the norm for a Christian family.

“But it should never fail to sound forth in the daily gatherings for family prayer. It should be a happy occasion when we meet to read the Word of God, and to pray together. It is well if we can also sing at such times. Matthew Henry says concerning family prayer, “They that pray, do well. They that pray, and read the Scriptures, do better. They that pray, read the Scriptures, and sing a hymn, do best of all.” Herein he was wise and gracious as usual. I wish that his words received more attention. If you cannot compass the last of the three good things, mix the praise with your prayer by making it more full of joy and thankfulness than is usual. Never let the domestic devotion degenerate into a dull formality, but throw a hearty living delight into it, so that there shall be joy in drawing near unto the Lord, and not a weariness. Where there is no family prayer, we cannot expect the children to grow up in the fear of the Lord—neither can the household look for happiness.”


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