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I want to inspire the rising generation to fully enter into God’s plan for the family. When you consecrate your life doing the will of God in your family, you have entered into the most effectual and long-lasting work you will ever do. Further, I want to inspire you to make the biggest investment of your life in the two most important institutions God has established – the church and the family.

At this conference, we are going to expose the chaos of rejecting God’s ways. This world will only give you harmful unworkable thinking and living regarding your family. We plan to explain and debunk the works of the devil and then explain God’s design – which is perfect – which is revealed in His Word.

hope-speakers-min.jpg Joel Beeke, Al Mohler, Paul Washer, Carlton McLeod, Scott Brown, Jeff Pollard, Sam Waldron, Jason Dohm, Clarence Simmons, Pooyan Mehrshahi, John Snyder, Malamulo Chindongo, Anthony Mathenia, Paul Carrington, Mike Davenport

My desire at this conference is to preach the sufficient Word of God that we might govern our families according to the ways God has commanded.

I have invited a number of local pastors to call us to biblical order regarding family life. There is no more important issue in this matter than the power of the true gospel working in a family.

This is why I have invited experienced pastors to minister to us. These men are Bible expositors. I have labored with these men for many years and I know that they clearly understand how families are to function according to scripture. They also have a keen understanding of how the evangelical world, is drifting away from the plain commands of God for family life. These men are experts in this subject and they know how to accurately handle the Word of God.

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As you know, this is a preaching conference. We believe that God has appointed preaching as His primary means of changing lives. I fully expect that at this conference you will hear some of the best preaching you will ever hear on these matters.

I have asked the speakers to speak directly to the young people in the crowd. We want to pass on an exclusively Biblical vision for family life.

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