How I interpret laws in the Old Testament

To answer this question, first, go to the Westminster Confession of Faith or the Baptist Confession of 1689 and look for the chapter on the law of God. Further, there are several questions that I ask about laws in the Bible. Here they are:

  1. What does this law reveal about the heart, character, and nature of God?
  2. What kind of law is it (moral or ceremonial or civil)?
  3. Who is given the responsibility to carry it out?
  4. How is it fulfilled in Christ?
  5. How does it explain love?
  6. How does it reveal sin?
  7. What is the applicability of the law?
  8. What happens when this law is ignored in the family, the church, in the government and in society?
  9. How will this be used of the Lord to transform me into the image of Christ?

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