How to Get your Church Pulling Strong in the Same Direction

JW Alexander speaks of how helpful it is when homes are places of worship and prayer. The impact on the whole church is dramatic. He says, “No agency will do more (than family worship) to extend and render universal, the participation of all our church members in the great aggressive work of the church. Further, “no gift of the church is equal to her prayers.”

Pastors are prayed for, preaching is improved, fellowship is sweetened, the sick receive merciful outpourings, the weak receive help from heaven, the depressed receive intercession, the lonely are comforted, evangelistic efforts are supported... Energy is infused into the work.

Jonathan Edwards illustrates the blessedness of this unity of purpose, “Union is one of the most amiable things that appertain to human society, yet it is one of the most beautiful and happy things on earth, which indeed makes earth most like heaven… as it is the glory of the church of Christ that she, in all her members, however, dispersed, is thus one holy society, one city, one family, one body; so it is very desirable that this union should be manifested and become visible, and so, that here distant members should act as one…”

Let’s have a church where prayers are prayed daily for all the work of the church and all those who conduct it.

Are you praying as a family, seven days a week? If not, let's kick start it for the happiness and the effectiveness of the whole church.

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