Joel Beeke began his message by reading 1 Peter 1:13-21 and stated that he wanted to focus on two words: “precious” and “blood.” He explained that the word “precious” means something that is extraordinarily valuable. While the word “precious” is found in Scripture 75 times, more than anything, Scripture speaks of Jesus and His blood as precious.


He made three points regarding the blood of Christ:


#1: The centrality of Christ's blood

Martin Luther noted that one drop of His blood has infinite value. There is nothing that we need more than His blood. The blood of Christ unites the whole of Scripture. The blood of Jesus gloriously restores what sin destroyed, through Christ and His blood.


He shared an example of a man who needed to cross the border to be the best man at a wedding but he forgot his passport. Because he did not have a passport, despite his desperate pleas, he was not allowed in. Similarly, if we are not washed in the blood of Christ, there is no way to enter into Heaven.


#2: The cost of Christ's blood

The blood of Christ is costly. If you forget the costliness of his blood, you cheapen the grace of God. Though it is free, we cannot forget its costliness to God. Grace is never cheap, it is always costly. It cost God the Father the death of His only Son.  


We must remember what our sin cost our Lord. His precious blood was costly. We must realize that Jesus would have had to suffer to the same extent even if there was only one sinner.


#3: The capability of Christ's blood

The moment you believe, Christ’s righteousness is imputed to you. There is nothing that you can do to earn it or to deserve it. The power of Christ’s blood is significant -- you are redeemed and set free from the curse of sin. It buys us back from sin, Satan, death, and every enemy that would hinder our salvation.


Every sin is wiped away only by the power of Christ’s blood. It accomplishes full redemption for all of eternity.


It accomplishes complete atonement for us. It washes out the stains of sin. We are washed as white as snow. It preserves us and makes us victorious. It gives us salvation and assurance -- it cannot be taken back. His blood assures us of our salvation. His blood opens Heaven for us.


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