Oakhurst, California | November 15th and 16th | click here

This intensive weekend seeks to examine Scripture in detail on the doctrines and practices of family life. This in-depth, exegetical examination of the family, will give families a timeless biblical roadmap to calibrate their lives according to Scripture.   

The kind of family that the Bible describes is hardly seen anymore. While families are in a state of frustration and even collapse all over the world, we bring a vision of hope. That vision is the biblical vision for family life. This conference is designed to deliver that vision of hope by explaining from the Scriptures how family life is designed to operate in the midst of church life and economic life. God has revealed in His word what this kind of family looks like. This weekend, we will be describing it directly from Scripture. 

Our desire in fulfilling the great commission is to do what Jesus commanded His disciples, to “teach them to obey all things that I have commanded them” (Matt 28:20). Our Lord, in His Word has spoken on a multitude of practical church and family issues to instruct His people how they ought to live in harmony with His Word. God is able to take an existing broken family and make it new. Come and see a vision of a new kind of family that is strong, enduring and rooted in God Himself. 

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