Join Me in Washington for the Hope for the Family Conference

We wish everyone could be a part of our National conference, but realize that for many, one of the greatest challenges is distance. That's why this year we've decided to bring our Hope for the Family conference to Washington!

I have invited a number of men to call us to biblical order regarding family life. There is no more important issue in this matter than the power of the true gospel working in a family.

This is why I have invited experienced pastors to minister to us. These men are Bible expositors. I have labored with these men for many years and I know that they clearly understand how families are to function according to scripture. They also have a keen understanding of how the evangelical world, is drifting away from the plain commands of God for family life. These men are experts in this subject and they know how to accurately handle the Word of God.

hope-speakers-min.jpg Scott Brown, David Eddy, Craig Houston, Scott LaPierre, Cary Green, Monty Simao

The speakers at this conference are well equipped to give your family a refreshing re-calibration from the Word of God alone.

At this conference, you will receive biblical exposition on critical texts regarding family life. You will see Scripture connected to the issues that our families are facing on an everyday basis. Over three days, we will do a deep dive into what it means to be a biblically-defined family. We will explore the centrality of the Word of God and the gospel in family life, and how Scripture would direct relationships - between husband and wife, church and family, and siblings. We will examine the discipleship of children, from the basics of child raising to times of family worship, to the discipleship of older children in the home, to preparing your children for their own marriages

How should a family navigate the cataclysmic shifts in our culture? What is the best way a Christian family can meet the challenges of the Internet Age? How do you prepare your children to engage well with this new world of gender fluidity and the LGBTQ movement? How do you build your house on the Rock in the midst of the shifting sands? While these dilemmas may come as a surprise to us, they are no shock to our God. All that the church needs to be equipped for life we can find in seeking God and His timeless Word

Together we will seek the Word for wisdom over cultural pressures, taking dominion over media (social or otherwise), understanding and properly responding to the millennial mindset, how families should respond to the LGBTQ movement, and governing the internet.

My desire at this conference is to preach the sufficient Word of God that we might govern our families according to the ways God has commanded.

As you know, this is a preaching conference. We believe that God has appointed preaching as His primary means of changing lives. I fully expect that at this conference you will hear some of the best preaching you will ever hear on these matters.

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