Steve Wittmer has written a wonderful article on some of the blessed things small churches experience in, The Secret Small Churches Know Best.” I really loved reading this article. Please read all of it… And, savor the last paragraph as I did.

He sets the stage with these opening lines,

"Most Christian churches in America are small. In 2012, the National Congregations Study found that the median Sunday morning attendance for churches in the United States was 75 people. The study also found that 43% of American churches had fewer than 50 regular participants, 67% had fewer than 100 regular participants, and 87% had fewer than 250."

After explaining some of the remarkable and even humbling things small churches experience, here is how he ends the article,
"Will you receive the manifest weakness and fragility of your church as a gift from God? Will it make your little congregation willing to lean on Christ, and hide yourself “under his wing?” Your church (and every church, everywhere) will eternally impact people, not by showing them how big and impressive you are, but by showing them the greatness of the God who says, “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god” (Isaiah 44:6).”
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