We recently concluded our Life of a Shepherd conference in Montgomery Alabama, and now have a set of over ten messages on biblical church leadership. You can listen to these messages free here:


In Titus 1:5, we learn that Titus was to “set in order the things that are lacking and appoint elders in every city.” By His perfect wisdom, God has laid out how the church is to be governed - in His Holy Word. It is such a blessing that God’s design for the leadership of His church has been revealed to us. Therefore, we must ensure that our practices and doctrine mirror with what Scripture requires for both offices in the church - Elder and Deacon.

As the shepherds go, so goes the church. One of the most dangerous things leaders can do is to appoint men who are not biblically qualified. Conversely, one of the most life-giving things leaders can do is to properly identify and present elders to the church for affirmation.

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