Live Tonight: COVID-19 - A Christians Response to this Unfolding Crisis

I hope you can tune in to hear Joel Beeke, Pooyan Mershahi, Scott Aniol and I discuss the breaking issues upon us.

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Almost daily the situation and the demands from the government and responses of the people regarding COVID-19 are changing.

The situation with COVID-19 has opened up many doors of opportunity for God’s people. Tonight we will be gathering pastors in the NCFIC Network, and anyone else who is interested, to discuss how churches and families should respond to the upheaval.

We will be on a live video webinar, discussing matters of Biblical fidelity regarding church meetings, social distancing, quarantines, honoring civil authorities and loving our neighbors and... We plan to discuss details for church life when limiting suggestions are made to churches by the civil government.

After some discussion, we will open it up for questions.

Date: March 26

Time: 8:00pm Eastern time

I hope you can join us. This will be an enlightening and encouraging time.

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