Love the Church

As you are ordering your life, first, look to Jesus Christ, the author, and perfecter of your faith and love the church the way He loved His church - be imitators of Christ. Second, whatever you are doing in your life, put your shoulder to the most powerful leverage points for the spread of the Gospel in every culture - the church and the family. Love the church the way our Lord Jesus loved His church.

There are four Ways Christ’s Affection Toward the Church is Demonstrated - go and do the same:

  1. He gives Himself up for Her, Ephesians 5:25-30
  2. He personally identifies with the church, Acts 9:1-5
  3. He builds the Church, Matthew 16:17-19 
  4. His zeal is translated into action, John 2:13-17

The most powerful investments you can make are your church and your family. My most urgent appeal is that we all give ourselves wholly to the biblical vision for church and family life. Why? There is one saving Gospel and there are two gospel proclaiming and sanctifying institutions. God has provided these two forces for the salvation and healing of human beings. The first force is the Gospel and the second force is exerted by His institutions - the church and the family.

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