Manhood: Hope Baptist Father-Son Retreat

Consider Hope Baptist’s Father-Son Retreat, (Sept 27-28 at Scott Brown’s Farm). This year is dedicated to defining manhood and how fathers and sons can join forces to obey the word of God in this area. Manhood has gone extinct in some circles. What will the church do? We can’t let it happen in the church of Jesus Christ. What will we do with our boys? How will we prepare them to be prepared for manhood? 1 Cor 16:13-14 in the KJV reads, “quit you like men.” What does it mean? It means to “stand fast” and be “strong” - like men. We will develop our messaging from the book of Proverbs - a book from a father, to fathers, for the training of their sons.

Bring your young sons: We want to engage fathers and sons in teaching and discussion between them on these matters. We will design this experience such that even a young boy will benefit from our time together.

Speakers this year include Scott Brown, Paul Carrington, and Mike Davenport.

To register email Alan Hillman at [email protected] or call him at 919-999-6811

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