Messages from Hope for the Family - Washington

It was a real joy to join with NCFIC network pastors for our West Coast, “Hope for the Family” conference in Lake Stevens Washington.

Here are the messages we preached:

Monty Simao, Family Discipleship Tools
Monty Simao, A Word Fitly Spoken
Scott LaPierre, From Victory to Defeat
Cary Green, Men of Honor
Monty Simao, Parable Of Two Sons
Scott LaPierre, Protecting Your Family
David Eddy, The Sexual Revolution
Cary Green, Manhood and Womanhood
David Eddy, Robust Faithfulness

My messages were:

The Power of the Gospel is the Hope for a Family
A Theology of the Family
Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go
Womanhood, Gender Justice and Babies
Power Up and Keep Your Children in Church
The Aroma of Your Home
Build Up Families In Your Church
Families Sweetened Through Confessional Christianity

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