Mini Conference on Peaching May 31

One of my favorite preachers is coming to Wake Forest - Hensworth Jonas - May 31-June 1 - At Hope Baptist Church.

There are two events: A conference on preaching and a conference on holiness.

Conference on Preaching – Preaching Doctrinal Exposition

Friday afternoon, May 31

For men who preach or are preparing to be preachers, with two sessions on Friday afternoon from 2:00-5:00. Hensworth will be covering the following issues for preachers:

  • General considerations about expository preaching
  • The generational aversion to doctrinal messages
  • The Study of Homiletics as a descriptive rather than a prescriptive discipline
  • The training of preachers must be in a context of integrity
  • Comparative Outlines
  1. The Sermon Title
  2. The Sermon Introduction
  3. The Textual Analysis (Body of the Sermon)
  4. Headings or divisions of the text
  5. Clarifying statements on each point
  6. Technical matters on each point
  7. Illustrations on each point
  8. Celebration on each point
  9. The Sermon Conclusion or Application
  10. Pivoting to the Gospel
  11. Celebration of the Gospel
  12. Conference on Holiness - Friday night to Saturday morning

At 7:00 pm on Friday night we will have a general session for all audiences where Hensworth will be speaking about holiness. He will continue on Saturday morning from 9:00-12:00. The schedule is below:

Friday 7:00 pm,

'The Frightening Reality of Sin' based on John 1:10-14


9:00-10:30,  'Cherishing The Word' based on 1 Peter 2:1-3
11:00-12;00, 'The Final Judgment: Are You Ready?' based on John 12:41-50

There is no charge for either of these events.

Location: Hope Baptist Church 825 Averette Road, Wake Forest.

For more information call: 919 623 3449

Here is a sampling of his preaching:

Hensworth W. C. Jonas is Presiding Elder of the East Caribbean Baptist Mission—Circuit of Churches in Antigua & Barbuda, serving as a pastor in the Circuit since 1985, beginning with his leadership of the Central Baptist Church. He founded and serves as Principal of the Baptist Academy of Antigua (K-12) since 1991, the same year he co-founded the Caribbean Baptist Heritage Conference, an annual conference on Reformed theology for clergy and laity. He led the planting of both the Tyrells Baptist Church and the Covenant Baptist Church. Dr. Jonas is the author of Dancing with Idolatry: Are you bowing to a false god? (Xulon Press, 2009).

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