NCFIC Internship Deadline - Feb 28

Application Deadline: February 28th

Since 2009, the NCFIC has conducted an internship program that is designed to fortify young men in order to prepare them for ministry in the family and in the local church. We pray that they will become dedicated parents and church members as a result. And, perhaps the Lord would call them to either become full-time ministers or faithful elders or deacons in churches.

This is why we have designed a seven-month discipleship program that features personal discipleship, practical experiences in local church life, personal relationships with leaders around the nation and books that focus on the doctrines of God, the church and the family. Our great hope is that interns will depart with a clear vision for the importance of the local church and that they will dedicate the rest of their lives to building her up.

The NCFIC internship is a men’s discipleship program, which features various academic exercises consisting of reading, writing, and personal study. It also features local church involvement and mentorship by the men and families at Hope Baptist Church. Interns are involved in the daily agenda of the NCFIC offices and daily discipleship with Scott Brown. They are fully involved in the activities and mentorship of Hope Baptist Church. It also includes a strenuous program of physical fitness. This internship is about personal transformation and deployment.

You can see the books we have them read and the program they are engaged in. Here is the web page that contains the critical information and the intern application. 

We are looking for a new generation of servants of our Lord Jesus Christ who will spend the rest of their lives prioritizing the spread of the gospel through church and family life.

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