Here are a few things we are working on at the NCFIC and need prayer for:

Africa Mission
On Thursday, August 28, Myself, my wife Deborah and a team are headed to Africa to put on conferences in Blantyre and Lilongwe Malawi and South Africa. We are visiting some of our missionaries there and spending time with their churches including a visit to our friend Tim Cantrell at Antioch Bible Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. We will be doing a citywide gospel conference, a marriage conference, and a pastors conference in Blantyre. We will be returning to North Carolina on September 12. One of the big blessings of this trip is that Deborah is going in order to minister to some of the women there.

Publishing - Theology of the Family
We are working hot and heavy on a new book - a giant theology of the family. This book will be approximately 800 pages and we are rushing to finish it to have it available for our national conference at the end of October. I feel this book will be a real blessing to Christians for years to come as well as a valuable resource for Christian leaders who are communicating sound doctrine regarding the family.

Publishing -  William Gouge
Joel Beeke is releasing the final volume in the “Building a Godly Home” series by William Gouge. This last volume focuses on child raising.  I just finished writing the introduction and it should be available at our national conference.

National Conference
Please pray for our preparations for the Power of the Gospel conference. This is such a pivotal subject for us all. I pray for much fruit from this conference, and that it would be used of the Lord to help families understand that the gospel is not Christianity 101, but rather central to everything. One financial need for this conference is that we would like to bring pastors from South America, Europe and other places to be with us at this conference. We are wanting to raise funds for this purpose. 

NCFIC Confession
One of the most significant things we have been engaged in recently is the upgrading of the NCFIC confession.  We are re-drafting it with significant improvements. This new version will be very important in defining, what has been and still is, one of the truly important considerations for the church in the 21st century as well as charting the course forward through a better document. I have engaged a dozen men - pastors and theologians - who are working on the new version. Some of these men are not on exactly the same page as we are, but have graciously agreed to take a careful look at it and help us improve the language.

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Decentralizing the NCFIC
As I mentioned in my last letter I have been working to de-centralize the NCFIC by hiring regional facilitators to bring a more regional focus to our ministry to pastors, churches and families. We now have six regional facilitators. I have established eight regions as you will see on the map on the right:  Mike Cox - West Coast, Steve Hopkins - Southwest,  Mike Cheney - Rocky Mountain states, Tom Ford - Deep South, Jason Dohm - Mid Atlantic, Kirk Smith - Midwest. We have hired these men to connect with local churches, clean up our list of churches, and gather people in their regions next year for a family camp. We don't have regional facilitators for the Northwest or the Northeast yet… I'm praying these will be filled soon.

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