Scott Brown began our National Conference on the Glory of Christ by preaching on John 7:46, which says: “The officers answered, “No man ever spoke like this Man!” He explained that John wanted his readers to believe that Christ was God.  

Christ spoke words of life and of grace and truth. He spoke words of love. He spoke words of healing. He spoke bold and sometimes divisive words. He did not fear what others thought. He spoke words to the helpless. He spoke to people who were trapped in sin. In short, no one ever talked like Christ did.

He then explained that we behold the glory of Christ by reading His Word and mediating upon it. Beholding the glory of Christ does not come through a transcendent experience. Instead, it comes by the preaching of His Word and the reading of Scripture. Beholding the glory of Christ involves a meek and a humble spirit and an obedience of God’s Words.

If you want to behold His glory, open His Word. Scott encouraged those present to take prayerful, thoughtful moments to mediate on the Words of God.

Specifically, he gave three practical applications in closing:

First, pause after each session, ponder the paths of your fight.

Second, speak with your family and others around you of the lessons that you are taking away from each talk.

Third, think on something each evening when you are about to leave so you can be like David who said, “When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You in the night watches” (Psalm 36:6, NKJV).

Even if you were not able to make it to Asheville, you can watch many of the talks over the next several days by clicking this link:

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