Parenting Grown Up Children - The Example of Job

Charles Simeon describes Job’s parenting practices when his children were grown up,

"Many who have been careful of their children in their earlier days, cast off all concern about them, or at least decline all interference with them as to religious matters, when they have arrived at years of discretion. But so did not Job: though he was an indulgent parent, he did not give up all parental authority, but sought to use it for the eternal welfare of his children. He called them all to self-examination and prayer, previous to his offering for them the sacrifices in which he commanded them to join. Yea, we are told, “Thus he did continually;” continually watching over their eternal interests, and using all his influence, both with them and with God, to bring them to the enjoyment of the divine favour. in this he is a pattern for parents in every age, and in every place. As long as God shall continue to them the possession of their intellects, so long should they improve their authority for the enforcing of an attention to religious duties, and for the cultivating of a spirit of piety in the hearts of their children.” Charles Simeon, Horae Homileticae, Vol 4, Chronicles to Job

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