Should We Build Churches Around Family Integrated Worship?

The name of our organization is The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. So, as you might expect, we are in favor of integrating families together in the meetings of the church. Maybe you want to be in a family-integrated church, but it's a disaster to build a church around "family-integration". God-glorifying churches are built around God, the Gospel, His Word, and obedience to His ways. When churches form around anything smaller than these things, they are headed for trouble—with God and man. Churches built around fruits of obedience to the Word of God rather than to God Himself will always dishonor the name of Christ. While I am a strong advocate of age-integrated discipleship in the church, I have seen churches make this the central consideration to their great detriment. This is always a mistake. The central focus and consideration of our churches must always be the centrality of God in the church.

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