The Birthplace of Love in a Home

In Col 3:19, God makes a husbands love the birthplace of love in a home, “Husbands, love your wives.” Love in the home begins in the man. He is the first cause. This sets the whole family on a course of love. The husband leads with love and does loving things to his wife. He nourishes, cherishes, washes and cares for her like he does “his own body.” JW Alexander says, “the husband is the representative and organ of the love in which the conjugal relation has its ground." The value of the presence of a man in the house is that He is appointed to initiate and protect and preserve a culture of love, beginning with love for his wife, as “the official expounder and guardian of love,”  making it a “kingdom of love.”  This defines his headship for his, “headship flows out of this law of love to all under his dominion.” (Quotes from JW Alexander).

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