The Fear of God Conference - Day 1 Recap

It was a blessed day here in Asheville, NC as we kicked off the 2016 NCFIC conference titled, “The Fear of God.” It started with the “Burnings in the Soul” men’s luncheon, and continued later on this evening with keynote messages by Scott Brown and Joel Beeke.

As a lead off for the conference, Scott Brown spoke on the eight different kinds of fear that are spoken of as you read through Scripture. Not all fear is sinful fear, though there are many manifestations of sinful fear. There is also a holy fear, a filial fear of God that is found in the hearts of believers. What we fear is what we worship. What or who do you fear?

Scott Brown then did an exposition of Psalm 128. This Psalm makes it absolutely clear that, far from the fear of God being this terrible and scary thing (as the world and the devil would want you to believe), it actually sweetens every area of our lives. Not the sinful, dreadful fear of an unbeliever; but the humble and pleasing fear of a true child of God. It is a fear that propels us away from our sins, and draws us near to God and brings peace to our souls. It is the greatest gift of salvation! What could be sweeter?

For the last session of the night, Joel Beeke took us to the book of Ecclesiastes to speak on the importance of the fear of God. The whole message of this book boils down to this: Do everything in the fear of God. Only those who fear God experience meaningful lives. This is just another example from the pages of Scripture that the fear of God is not just this slavish and terrible fear. There is a child-like and holy fear that should be manifested in the lives of those who name the name of Christ.

If you are listening in to the livestream of the conference, we will be beginning again tomorrow morning at 8:50am as John Snyder will be taking us to Isaiah 11, when he will be speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ’s delight “in the fear of the Lord” (Isa. 11:3).

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