The Sabbath, "The Cream of Time" says Thomas Watson

“The Jews called the sabbath the day of light; so on this day the sun of righteousness shines upon the soul. The Sabbath is the market day of the soul, the cream of time. It is the day of Christ’s rising from the grave and the Holy Ghost’s descending upon the earth. It is perfumed with the sweet odour of prayer, which goes up to heaven as incense. On this day manna falls, that is angels food. This is the souls festival day, on which the graces act their part” Thomas Watson, p97

“When we are about Sabbath exercises, we are dressing ourselves, and putting on our wedding robes in which we are to meet our heavenly bridegroom the Lord Jesus; and is this not delightful? On the Sabbath God makes a feast of fat things; He feasts the ear with his word, and the heart with His grace. Well then, we may call the Sabbath a delight. To find this holy delight, is to “be in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” Thomas Watson, p118

“When the falling dust of the world has clogged the wheels of our affections, that they can scarce move towards God, the Sabbath comes, and oils the wheels of our affections and they move swiftly on. God has appointed the Sabbath for this end.”  Thomas Watson, p94

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