In Nehemiah 13, we observe seven ways Nehemiah confronts the thieves of delight. In this scene, we observe that Nehemiah has been away from Judah for a number of years. He has now returned only to find that the people have drifted back into some of their old ways of disobedience. He sets himself to cleanse them “from everything pagan” (v30). This message is the second part of a three-part series on turning away from everything pagan. In the first part, 13:1-14, we see Nehemiah confronting worldly, “Ammonite” compromises in worship. In this second part, 13:15-22, we see Nehemiah confronting the nobles and the people for “profaning” Sabbath. In the third, part, Nehemiah confronts marriages not formed for the glory of God. From this chapter, we learn of specific ways that we too may have drifted, and might again, turn away from everything pagan – particularly in our observance of Sabbath joy. Following are seven ways Nehemiah confronts the thieves of Sabbath delight.

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