Trusting in the Promises of God for Child Training

Andrew Murray, commenting on Prov 22:19 (“train up a child in the way he should go…”) says,

This promise is the Scriptural expression of the principle on which all education rests: a child’s training can decide what his life is to be.” P131

“There have been so many failures in religious training, that many parents doubt whether a principle like this can be regarded as holding true in all circumstances. With such doubt we undermine God’s covenant. Instead, let us believe that the failure was man’s fault. Either the parent did not make, “the way in which he should go,” his one aim in the childs training, or the training in that way was not what God’s Word had ordered it to be.” P131-132

“There are many Christian parents who are anxious to see their children saved, but they do not choose this way for them. They do not decide on it distinctly as the one and only way in which they are to walk.”  They think it is too much to expect that their children should walk in it from their youth, and so they do not train them in that way. They are not prepared to regard the walking in this way as their primary objective. It is not their first aim to train whole-hearted devoted Christians. They will not give up their worldly interests. They are not always ready themselves to walk in that way only and completely – the ‘narrow way.’ They have chosen it, but not exclusively and finally.” P132

“Without training, teaching and commanding often do more harm than good. Training is not only telling a child what to do, but showing him how to do it and seeing that it is done. The parent must see to it that the advice or command given is put into practice and adopted as a habit.” P133

“Training can now be defined in this way: getting the child accustomed to doing easily and willingly what the parent commands. Doing, doing habitually, doing from choice – this is what we aim for.” P134

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